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I had some time to get some drawing done and thought I’d share the fruits of my labours in the absence of a podcast this week. With my new baby in real life, I wanted to give the twxxd household their own baby. This is Kahlan. She is adorable. Because she’s a girl, I’ve made […]

Haven’t done a TF post in a while so I figure it was about time. This is Beast Hunters Optimus Prime in all his glory. Some have complained that he’s a little too “toy like” and “kiddish” with all his bright colours. I’ve gone ahead and ignored that because he’s a Mad Max truck with […]

While we were on the Webcomic Show recently (linky link link) we were shot in the face with a warm gooey load of praise from a whole bunch of our favourite creative peoples. We wanted to take a minute to thank them for making us feel so splendiferous and fueling our egos to dangerous levels: […]

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We recently had the pleasure of being on The Webcomic Show, the video podcast by Daniel Barton (of and If you ever wanted to learn more about us, this is a great opportunity for an in-depth Q&A (with fantastic production values, might I add :)). It’s also a chance to see us go […]