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Do you want to hear my magical solution to the used game “issue”? Here it is…impose some kind of time period after a game’s release during which it is not allowed to be re-sold. Say, 6 months…that way all of the initial sales go to Joe Developer. And we still get our cheap used games after the buzz has worn off. Besides, what do we care? Gamestop only takes five dollars off of new releases when they re-sell them at first, it really is kinda of terrible…just enough to get you to say “meh, I might as well buy it used”.

Of course it’s completely unenforceable. But it sounds good, donut? B and I already talked this through, and in the end, it’s probably best if they do pursue some of these “new business models” I hear so much about…eventually, we’re probably heading in the direction of 100% digital distribution. Which has it’s own problems I won’t get into right now :)


NOTE – I suck at teh grammerz. It has been pointed out that I have the wrong “their” in panel 5. I hope we can get through this dark dark time in our lives.

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  1. ShadowBlade

    I wonder if combining the likely with your suggestion is the way to go. Offer the gaming via digital distribution only for the first 6 months. That would allow the enforcement.

    • coliver

      Hot damn, you’re right. I like it.

      You could even make it so that people who buy digitally are promised a physical copy after that 6 months, so that they don’t lose ownership/the “right” to give it up for used after that time has passed.

      We may have something here :) .


  2. ShadowBlade

    As ideas go, I have heard far worse. What can I say, I is a cookie!

  3. Daniel

    Or maybe developers should just make games with more replay value. Seriously, if it has zero value to you after a month, how do you not expect people to resell it? Copyright only protects first sale. Deal with it.

    • coliver

      Another good point. I suppose I presented my angle on the issue from the perspective of a collecter (I’ve never given a game up for used in my life :) ), but I guess most gamers are not like that.


  4. cpdohert

    This boat has already sailed, I’m afraid. Microsoft, at least, is already banking on 100% digital distribution for everything, from media to games to DLC. Assuming the infrastructure exists (large client hard drives, ubiquitous broadband, closed client hardware with integrated DRM), there is just no down side to digital distribution for developers, publishers, or retailers. It allows them to control price, availability, patches/versioning, even remove content from your client you’ve already paid for.

    The “new business model” is that you aren’t buying a game, you’re buying time-limited use rights to intellectual property owned by the publisher.

    • coliver

      That’s the part I didn’t want to talk about in the post :( …full digital distribution scares the hell out of me, for all of those reasons and more. And I agree, it is inevitable.

      My hope is that the backlash companies like EA have gotten from hardcore DRM will set the tone for future companies considering it…but there really isn’t much stopping them.

      Apple is doing a good job, in my opinion. Digital distribution, without DRM…I can enjoy all of my games sans Internet connection, and if the hardware fails me, I can copy them onto a new device because backups of all my apps are stored locally on my primary computer by iTunes.


  5. chazz

    One other note, though: when someone -sells- a game, what does he use the money for? Possibly, to buy more new games than he would if he didn’t have that money?

    • coliver

      It’s a good point. In fact there are many that keep a collection of
      less than five games, always selling the one they’re enjoying the
      least and reinvesting in better titles, helping them get a varied
      gaming experience they otherwise wouldn’t have. And full digital
      distribution will make that impossible. But the used game market is
      driving the industry, at least in part, towards said digital
      distribution…so there’s really no win there for the gamer you’ve
      described. Unfortunate.

      As a side note, I’ve always been pissed off at the horrible
      return one gets from trading in…you get less than half of the value they’re
      going to turn around and sell it for after you leave, there’s got to be
      a better way. It’s like unless you buy full price in the first place, and then bring it back within a month, it’s not even worth it.


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