Food Math

Repeat adding as desired.

Good examples can be found here, here, and here ;) .



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  1. cpdohert

    I think you would find that if you were to replace (A) with, say, a nice chilled slice of apple pie your theory would require some modification.

    Pizza-burgers, though, all the way FTW.

    • coliver

      But food math is always right.

      Just wait. Apple-pie burgers will sweep the nation.


    • boliver

      He he :)

      Damn, now I want a pie burger. Just you wait, I’m going to make one.

      Also, chocolate chip cookies taste great as a burger topping ;)

  2. Adam Black

    The next time you get drunk, dip chocolate cookies in clam dip. It’s really good.

    Puking the next morning, on the other hand…let’s just say you shouldn’t get too drunk before you try this delectable snack.

    • boliver

      Damn, that does sound like a good idea (and I am more likely to try these thinks while under the influence). My question is, what is clam dip and where can I find it?

  3. Handgunman

    Counter-proof: Milk tastes good. OJ tastes good. Milk+OJ tastes like satan jizzed in your mouth.

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