The new black/hispanic Spiderman has gotten quite the buzz! But damnit, DC will not be out-done ;) .

B and I had a good conversation about this… minorities certainly should get better coverage in this kind of media. But when they pre-market the character like this well before the comic is even a thing yet, it feels a little fabricated. It feels like they’re just announcing to the world “Look how into equality we are. Super duper, that’s how much we’re into equality.” If they had just let it happen instead of hitting us with a big announcement well before hand, or maybe, I don’t know… let Donald Glover audition for the role of Spiderman

All that said, by the sounds of it, they’re writing it well. Putting some effort into it. And hopefully, they’ll end up with something that’s believable and feels right to the reader. That way, if/when they do something like this again, it doesn’t need to be this big hullabaloo. It can just happen.

And hey. Partial victory for Donald Glover :) .



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  1. cpdohert

    It’s pandering. I give them a year before they retcon it, just like the Clone Saga.

    • coliver

      Nah, DC retcons. Marvel will just kill him again.


  2. Jordan

    Great comic! The topic makes me want to make certain jokes that I have sworn off, damn you for tempting me!

    • coliver

      We try not to swear off any jokes, here.

      Come on over to the dark side, dude ;) .


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