Familiar Mechanic


Poor guy… it’s okay, man. Originality isn’t really something we’re looking for in a mechanic. Don’t beat yourself up. Just make sure my car works, okay? Now move along, didn’t you hear us say we’re sick of you? Besides… it’s kinda creepy, you hangin’ out outside our window like that…


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  1. Gooberandcindy.com

    Is this a reference to mario?

    • coliver

      Not really… but this guy could probably be his dad :).


    • Bearman

      hahha…I missed the reference too..

  2. Schmuck Man

    Reminds me of the phrase don’t mock it if it works.

    • coliver

      I feel like sometimes it gets to a point where it just stops working. Does that mean I can mock it :)?


  3. Mark Stokes

    Do they put old mechanics out to pasture?

    • coliver

      The ought to sometimes! For video games, not people :).


  4. Tim Green

    Poor Mario. I’m afraid we’re all heading to the retirement home eventually.

    • coliver

      Some not quite soon enough.


  5. James

    I can’t wait for the new game mechanic where you don’t play at all and just keep pressing the start button to try and skip cut scenes.

    • coliver

      Hey, I played one of those the other day! Turned out it was a DVD…


  6. Jenn

    OOOH it took me a while but I got the reference to Mario XD

  7. JerryBenedict

    It’s a new game idea… make Mario cry!

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