There’s no denying that Gary is a bit of a creeper, but you must admit he looks dapper in that chicken-themed tie. Frankly, I don’t know what the other fellas were so worried about.

In an alternate version of the comic, Gary is returning home for his cock-bag.


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  1. Alexx

    Oh great now I want that tie, the comedic possibilities of such a tie… awe-inspiring

    • coliver

      We will endeavour to bring this tie into the world. Stay tuned.


  2. Gooberandcindy.com

    Tee-hee. :)

    • coliver

      A giggle or a groan, it’s what we’re going for :).


  3. Schmuck Man

    That is a rather nice tie.

    • coliver

      Gary is all class.


  4. Bearman

    Sadly it took me a second.

    • coliver

      That’s the best kind of pun!


  5. Gary

    Wait, is that me? OMG what a gorgeous head of hair!

    • coliver

      Sorry, it’s not you any more than I am Colin Firth. At least THEN maybe I’d be my girlfriend’s favourite Colin :)…


  6. James

    This pun grabbed me with its tentacles and had its way with me.

    • coliver

      All the best puns do that :).


  7. Mark Stokes

    Haha, you guys hatched a good one! Gotta get me one of those ties!

    • coliver

      lol… we may create this tie yet! Keep you posted :).


  8. Warren Frantz

    Way to tie one on, guys!

    • coliver

      lol, one good pun deserves another.


  9. Saeed

    This one actually made me groan when I read it. Then a few hours later I found myself chuckling at the thought of a hen tie. Ah… time released humour.

    • coliver

      lol, mission accomplished :).


  10. mmrtnt

    Most Excellent.

    Bringing the truly bad puns.

    It is on, sirs.

    • coliver

      The truly bad puns are the punniest.

  11. Jordan

    I love a good pun. And yeah, that guy is a thin mustache away from setting off an Amber Alert.

  12. Jenn

    Classic joke, guys =)!

  13. George

    You guys ‘tie’ for 1st Place for Bestest Worst Pun Award. Nice! :)

    • boliver

      We’re happy to share in this honour ;)

  14. Binky

    Fit to be hen tied?

  15. Tony McGurk

    Ha Ha Ha Nice Hen Tie. This really cracked me up

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