Nick and Travis (Trevor ;)) of The Obscure Gentlemen join us on a very special twxxd podcast. It’s special in that we talk comics, wrestling, and porn :p.


Intro by Alien7. Outro by Brandon and Steve.



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  1. ShadowBlade

    Great cast!

    What? No love for the cousin who has actually contributed to the site with the question of outside contributors came up though? Kinda stung a bit there cuz’s… Gonna go cry now.



    • boliver

      Lol, we very specifically said that outside contributors were fine…just not on a permanent basis :p

  2. ShadowBlade

    Since you’re putting it all over the web anyway, don’t forget, I also designed the bases for your shield, revised the controller icon and have just been an all around awesome cousin! Even when I picked on, I was still awesome. ;)

  3. James

    Well this was one of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever heard. Even better than the one I was on!


    Loved bringing back memories of the Hulk. :)

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