The Tit-Fairy

Hey, look! It’s the Tit-Fairy from this strip. You can buy it on a shirt here or on a sticker here. You know you want to. It’s for the tits.


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  1. Bearman

    Does she have a zit on her mouth? haha

  2. Schmuck Man

    This is much better than granting wishes or helping someone get ready for some ball.

    Actually, now methinks about it, she does grant wishes.

  3. boliver

    He he, yeah, that’s just my method of drawing the lower lip. It does kind of look like that when they’re not talking, doesn’t it?

  4. George

    Tits are always a good reason for anything. Excelsior! :D

  5. JerryBenedict

    How does someone someone summon her? Or does she just show up when she’s needed?

    • boliver

      Fun answer: Strip naked, cover yourself in peanut butter and run around outside yelling “apricots!”.
      Insightful answer: She is with you in your heart.
      Insane answer: How many virgins do you know? We’ll need to sacrifice a lot of them.
      Salesman answer: Buy the shirt or the sticker ;)

  6. Jenn

    How titillating!

  7. Julian

    It warms my heart just to know she exists. :)

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