TWT31 – Toyicide

When a crime needs solving, you’d better believe I’m on the case (and doing by best to pin it on Cheetor).

I’M BACK. Did you enjoy the amazing and fantastic guest strips while I was gone? I know I did! Goddamn I love this community.

I had a wonderful time on vacation (that you’ll hear a little more about on Friday and in next month’s TWT!). But I didn’t want to miss posting one this month, so here’s one I had in my backlog.

Did you miss me, Internet? What? NO?! Screw you man, I’m going back to Europe…


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    Come back to Europe. We will have you over here.

    Like this comic. Nice colors. And nice to have a bit of a detective story. :)

    • coliver

      Thanks Daniel! And yeah, I’ll be back just as soon as I can. Hopefully my next trip will be near your neck of the woods :).


  2. Schmuck Man

    twxxd noir?

    • coliver

      Sepia does wonders for mood.

  3. Saeed

    Welcome back, Colin.

    • coliver

      Thanks Saeed! Good to be back. I’m told I’ve got a very good podcast to listen to from when I was gone :).

  4. Mark Stokes

    I wouldn’t trust Cheetor as far as I could throw him! Welcome back, Colin.

    • coliver

      I figure I can throw him pretty far actually!

      Thanks Mark :).

  5. Warren Frantz

    Welcome back Colin! Hope you didn’t damage Europe too much! Love the sepia on this TWT! Very fun!

    • coliver

      Thanks! I left Europe mostly in tact.

      That 12th century castle had already fallen over before I got there, I swear.

  6. The Code Crimson

    Oh wow, this is so awesome! Love the angles, and the dialogue is just so freaking perfect. Stop inspiring to make an action figure comic! Or not, and suffer the consequences of future hilarity…

    • coliver

      I will pay this price gladly :)

  7. JerryBenedict

    He shouldn’t complain… it looks like a minimum security facility!
    Welcome back, Colin!

    • coliver

      Just don’t drop the detergent ;).

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