A New Challenger Has Appeared

That’s right Link. I’ve seen you traipsing around, acting like you invented horse mounted combat. I think the Dovahkiin might have something to say about that.

THE POWER OF MOUNTED COMBAT HAS COME TO SKYRIM…errr, sorry for the yelling text. So yeah, it’s about damn time. And it seems to work pretty well. I’m happy to be able to fight on my horse now, instead of having to dismount and hope the damn thing doesn’t get into it’s own fight and get itself killed.

Now we all wait with bated breath for the Dawngaurd expansion.


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  1. Gooberandcindy.com

    I was hoping for a sword through the chest. :)

    • boliver

      Might do an alternate version of this one sometime ;)

  2. Lee B

    Brilliant! Link’s face of fear, shame and regret in the last panel is awesome.

    • boliver

      He he, thanks!

  3. Bearman

    Still clueless about skyrim. Don’t want to start either.

    • boliver

      Oh, come on, it’s so fun! You know you want to ;)

  4. Schmuck Man

    Considering this is Link, so a red potion should clear that all up.

    • Saeed

      Or a visit to the whore’s house in Zelda 2.

      • boliver

        Or a good fairy-ing.

  5. The Code Crimson

    Oh no, Epona! Look out! Link is screwed.

    • boliver

      That’s what he gets for being so damn cocky.

  6. Mark Stokes

    Never look a war horse in the mouth.

    • boliver

      He he, good one, Mark :)

  7. Michael Corley

    Epona, listen, just for me? Ditch Link and run for it!

    • boliver

      It’s advisable.

  8. JerryBenedict

    *sigh* I wish I had a computer that could play skyrim… then again, I don’t think I need another distraction! :D

    • boliver

      It’s a bit of a time sync once you get into it, but it was worth it in my opinion :)

  9. Julian

    Good job joining the two games!

  10. Tony McGurk

    The old arrow in the knee trick. That’s gunna affect his gym workouts. Guess the 350lb squats will have to be skipped now.

    • boliver

      And things just won’t be the same on his dates with Zelda.

  11. Jenn

    He didn’t wear knee protection!

    • boliver

      He never thought they’d get arrowed ;)

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