Guest Strip: The Frumps

I have decided to leave the country for several weeks, because other places are nice too. While I’m gone, we have been bequeathed guest strips by the fantastic and amazing web comics community. We love them long time.

Today’s guest strip is from the finest man-thing in web comics, the delightful Saeed Faridzadeh of The Frumps ( Saeed, like so many other unfortunate souls, has neighbours that have super loud sex. When that happens, you end up thinking some combination of “stop it you guys” and “why isn’t it ME having loud sex”.


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  1. George Ford

    Man, those Frumps can get their hands on anything. :)

    • boliver

      They’re starting their own black market for whale juice, I’m told.

  2. Michael Corley

    Gonna get mah whale on!

    • boliver

      Come whale away with me.

  3. Schmuck Man

    This is Vergil so that whale had better be endangered and/or kidnapped.

    • boliver

      Both…also an orphan.

      • Saeed

        Virgil also kicked over a baby carriage in the process.


    That’s a large neighbour. :) Nice guest strip Saeed! :)

  5. The Code Crimson

    Once you’ve had whale sex, why would you ever go back to any other kind?

    • boliver

      I am afraid I can in no way answer this. Saeed, thoughts? ;)

      • Saeed

        I just realized that some people might interprete this as a form of beastiality. Whoops. I can assure you that Virgil is simply harvesting Whale Juice for it’s legendary sexy-time powers so he can use them on Human women.

  6. Mark Stokes

    I can’t imagine the pet deposit on that thing. Very fun, Saeed, great job!!

    • boliver

      And the food bill :S

  7. Julian

    I cannot get over the expression on Lance’s face!

    • boliver

      It`s pretty fantastic.

  8. Jenn

    So vile but so funny

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