Guest Strip: Legacy Control

Today’s guest strip provided by one of my very favourite web comice-rs, the hard working and incredibly talented Javis Ray of Legacy Control ( Javis and my brother have a special bond… let me rephrase… they have a powerful connection?… hmmm, that’s not it either… they’re essentially dating. Man-dating. Web comic man-dating. There, I found my words.

That still doesn’t make okay what he did to poor couchy. Couchy, we’ll get you some new cushions, okay?


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  1. Warren Frantz

    As I chuckle, my couch is giving me the “Don’t even think about it” look.

    • boliver

      At least not without buying it dinner first.

  2. Mark Stokes

    More cushion for the pushin’! Great strip, Javis! Gonna go wash my eyes now.

    • Saeed

      HA. More cushion for the pushin’! You win, Mark. You totally win.

      • boliver

        Yep, that wins for sure :)

  3. Schmuck Man

    I imagine a lot of furniture would say this if they could talk.

    • boliver

      It`s better we don`t list all the inanimate objects that fit into this category.

  4. Julian

    You know it’s an awkward day when you cannot make eye contact with your couch.

  5. Bearman

    How does Javis’ wife feel about all this man love?

    • boliver

      I think our wives are pretty understanding :)


    Awesome! That couch has been traumatised. :)

    • boliver

      Javis really is a master of that :) (the awesome and traumatizing inanimate objects)

  7. James

    Legacy Control and Twxxd together is like the Avengers and porn together. Minus Chyna as She Hulk.

    • boliver

      A compliment of the highest caliber, I say.

  8. Sareen

    Oh my ewwww *shudders*

  9. JerryBenedict

    This week on Law & Order: Couch SVU…

    • boliver

      Well, it`s been a while, I guess that show could use another iteration.

  10. George

    Poor Couchie’s gonna need years of therapy (or, at least, a lotta pillow-talk). :)

    • boliver

      Oh man, “pillow-talk” and “cushion for the pushin'” are the top ones.

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