Guest Strip: Life… After Death

Today’s strip provided by Carlo Ostrout of Life… After Death ( Carlo’s comic has a very cool premise, and an excellent art style, and you should check it out. However, I am pleased as punch that he has gone with a talking with toys style for his guest strip. Love it! And yeah… DC sure knows how to dress ‘em, eh :)?


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    Grimlock is awesome! :)

  2. Michael Corley

    What about his mullet? He needs his mullet back!

  3. cpdohert

    Isn’t the red/blue Superman thing like fifteen years old at this point?

  4. Tim Green

    Great job, Carlo! :)

  5. Mark Stokes

    Well done, Carlo! You really captured the spirit of TWT!

  6. Jenn

    Nice one, Carlo!!

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