Back in Cack


I return! My trip to Europe was just lovely. You’ll see some pictures in an upcoming TWT :).

And Brandon has been busy while I’ve been gone. Oh so busy.

To be honest with you, it’s not ALL penises… we have alluded in podcasts to a super secret summer project we’re working on. And while I’m not at liberty to divulge too many details, I can tell you that it’s a limited run non-comedy strip that’s going to be taking over our Wednesday slot for a while, and we’re super duper excited about it. More details very soon ;).


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    Penises seems to be popular topic on the interwebs these days.

    • coliver

      It’s penis-sheik

  2. Michael Corley

    It’s a PEGAPENIS!

    • coliver

      I don’t know… are you sure it’s not a… COCKATRICE?

  3. Schmuck Man

    Great works of art are created in your absence.

    • coliver

      Guess I need to go on vacation more often to keep them… ugh… flowing…

  4. Bearman

    NON Comedy….now I am worried. How will you write without penis jokes?

    • coliver

      They’re our bread and… ugh… butter…

  5. Mark Stokes

    If you draw it more than three times, you’re playing with it.

    • coliver

      Then I don’t even want to classify what he’s been doing.

  6. Julian

    Wings like a maxi-pad. It could be a maxi-penis.

    Thanks for this one, I LOLed.

    • coliver

      You’re welcome! A service we are happy to provide.

  7. Sareen

    Oooh I can’t wait to know more about your super secret project!

    • coliver

      Thanks Sareen! We’re pretty excited too :).

  8. Saeed

    Wow. Loving the new look of the strip. Welcome back Colin. Hope Europe didn’t hurt you too much.

    • coliver

      Don’t worry, Europe hurt so good.

  9. George

    I’ve always heard that the penis is mightier than the sword, but I never believed it until now.

    • coliver

      Just the same, I don’t think I’d want to see those two things go head to head ;).

  10. Jenn

    This is either too immature or way too intelligent for me!

    • coliver

      I assure you, it’s the former.

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