The Dark Knight Trolls

Perhaps we have stooped to a new low… but then why does it feel so right :)?

Saw it on Tuesday. More thoughts on that later (and in an upcoming podcast!), but I’ll save you the suspense and say that I enjoyed it very much. Was it as good as the second one?… no. But who could really expect them to top The Dark Knight? Plus, I feel like Rises has some pacing issues (minor, but noticeable). But they did a wonderful job of bringing a close to the trilogy and it delivered on everything I expected/hoped.

If you haven’t seen it yet… well, I guess it hasn’t been out that long, but go do that.


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  1. James

    This seems too fancy. You guys sold out!

    • coliver

      Sorry, the money was too good.


    lol! :)

  3. Michael Corley

    Please please please tell me I’m not the only one who hears a slide whistle for this? :)

    • coliver

      You’re not alone :).

  4. Michael J Swart

    Simple, Funny, Extremely well executed. Thanks for the laugh

  5. Saeed

    I just don’t seem to have enough interesting to want to watch Dark Knight Rises. I don’t know. I don’t hate Batman at all, but for some reason I’m just not interested. But then again, it took me over a year to watch Transformers 3.

    • coliver

      I’m telling you, it’s well worth it. Batman fan or no.

  6. Bearman

    oohh look at mr animation.

    • coliver

      That’s MR. Animation to… oh wait…

  7. Justin

    Hilarious and well done. It’s like a gravelly-voiced version of Whack-a-Mole.

  8. Michael Karell

    I imagine him singing his own theme music.

    • coliver

      Na na na na na na na na.

  9. Mark Stokes

    When did he install a bounce house in the Batcave? Love it, Brandon!

    • coliver

      Dude’s gotta have fun every now and again.

  10. Chris K

    A good movie, and ending to the franchise. Maybe not quite as good as the first or second, but the bar was set really high.

    • coliver

      I’d put the 1st and 3rd in similar categories of awesome, but the 2nd can’t be beat.

  11. Julian

    Somehow, I envision him playing with a wee baby!

    This one gave me a good laugh, thanks for that.

  12. Lee B

    Haha, this is fantastic!

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