Podcast Episode 72 – Brad Joyce

Brad Joyce of Coffee Talk and the Southern Fried Inkslingers Podcast joins us on this week’s twxxd podcast.

Special thanks to Brad for the special edition of Coffee Talk to go with this podcast!


Intro by Alien7. Outro by Brandon and Steve.


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  1. Michael Corley

    Woot! I can’t wait to listen!

  2. Gooberandcindy.com

    Lol many times! Loved it. :)

  3. Mark Stokes

    Brad is a really funny guy amongst like company, and you three played well off each other. Very entertaining and great fun!

  4. Justin

    Hilarious show, as always. With all its talk of beer, this podcast made me actually pause the podcast so I could run to the liquor store. I don’t know whether I should send you a trophy or not.

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