TWT32 – Central Europe

It’s late, but here’s the trip-themed TWT, finally. No apologies :).

Europe is nice. Sitting in Cafe Sperl in Vienna, sipping a Fiaker. Or drinking a Pilser Urquell in Letna beer garden. Or getting shit-faced off Hungarian wine in the Valley of Beautiful Women (yes… this is a real place, and you should go there).

I wish to return there and drink more booze and coffee. And eat amazing food, and visit pretty buildings, and take in other cultures. Soon.


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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. Michael Corley

    Cyclops… ever the voice of reason.

  2. Bearman

    No Vienna sausage?

  3. Mark Stokes

    Makes you want them to bring back the Eastern (pun) Bloc!

  4. drea

    Hahaha, I appreciate this.


    You ate such a buig wiener! LOL :)
    Sorry could not resist. Glad to have you back.

  6. James

    I feel like you were seducing me throughout this whole comic.

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