I’m not really in to sexting, myself. And not just because my cell phone is shamefully ancient (let’s just say it flips… I’m convinced it’s indestructable). So much of communication isn’t in the words said, there’s context, there’s tones, there’s body language… but who needs those things when you have emoticons, amiright?

I’ve been known to do some hexting. Some tex-mexting. Maybe even some pokedexting. But never sexting, dammit.


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  1. George

    He’ll eventually learn, but he may have to move a few times to escape the bad rep. :)

    • coliver

      At the very least he’ll need to change numbers a few times :).

  2. Saeed

    I hate it when he tells me the colour. :-D

    • coliver

      I think I’d like to know when it’s like… green or something. Then I’ll get worried.

  3. Schmuck Man

    Best to think of it like you’re writing the scenes for a porno.

    • coliver

      Of course! A natural skill that everyone has :).


    I prefer the real thing! :)

  5. James

    Well I’m turned on.

    • coliver

      Then we have done our job.

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