Dapper Rapper Returns

Who among you remembers the introduction of the Dapper Rapper back in early 2011? We had always intended to have him back. Well here he is. Classier than ever.


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  1. Alexx

    On your next podcast you should make your guest do some Dapper Raps.

    • coliver

      SOMEONE just signed up to be out next guest ;).

  2. Mark Stokes

    He’s the founder of the college For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge!

    • coliver

      That’s the spirit :).

  3. Bearman

    I didn’t know how to pronounce Raconteur until you made that rhyme thing happen

    • coliver

      twxxd.com… teaches you while you laugh!

  4. George Ford

    Man, I bet he pulls all the hoodrats. I mean…elegant madamoiselles. :)

  5. Brian

    He lost his monocle in the last frame.

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