Drinking the Kool-Aid

We’re happy to be pushing the raunchy envelope this week here at twxxd.com.

And most importantly, B’s wishes were fulfilled drawing a giant wang on another iconic character. Everybody wins.


(Naturally, there’s an uncensored version available here. I hope NSFW goes without saying.)

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  1. Schmuck Man

    Makes perfect sense he can’t drink since he is made of Kool-Aid so any impurity introduced into the mix would impair him quickly.

    • boliver

      I love that you broke this one down to the science :)

  2. Saeed

    OH YEAH!!!!

    • boliver

      It’s a shame he was arrested after this.

  3. George

    One of my favorites, thus far! :)

    At least, we know that Kool-Aid Man will never get blue balls.

    • boliver

      Thanks George!
      Good one :)

  4. Jack

    I like that he’s got a glass wang. Also, that’s probably more of a spiked kool-aid punch at this point!

    • boliver

      It’s true, how much of what’s left in there is even Kool-aid?

  5. Jack

    Of course now I’ve revealed that I couldn’t resist clicking through. Blast!

  6. Tim Green

    So that’s what he used to break down all those walls!

    • boliver

      He’ll pay for it later in life, but yes ;)

  7. Gooberandcindy.com

    Dirty sweet minds. :)

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