Mega Maniac

Tonight, on 60 Minutes, a look at the Megaman they didn’t want you to see.


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  1. The Code Crimson

    He’s a vicious mega monster of thievery and murder! That’s how he’s remained so popular. Pure cyber brutality.

    • Mike Karell

      That snake had it coming, and I don’t think he’s dead. He’s a robot!

      • boliver

        He’ll be back ;)

    • boliver

      It is what the kids are into these days.


    Murderer! :)

    • boliver

      He he he, that’s right!

  3. Saeed

    But he’s so adorable… adorably homicidal!

    • boliver

      These things can go together. Like peanut butter and pickles.

  4. Mark Stokes

    Will there be a pixelated chalk bodyline?

    • boliver

      “In all my 20 years on the force, I haven’t seen pixel brutality like this.”

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