Libel to Kill

It’s her fault for assuming that a faceless man in a suit in the middle of the forest in the dead of the night was going to kill her. Also, I hear she’s a white supremacist.


Special thanks to Alun for this idea and for crying like a little girl while we played Slender Man :D


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  1. Nekro13

    I think I like Slanderman more then Slenderman. But then again, I don’t really see the hype around Slenderman. To me, he’s just a Silent Hill monster in a suit.

    • boliver

      That’s a really good point. He really does need something better than “faceless creature sneaks up and kills you”.

  2. Chris K

    One letter can make a Big difference. At least he wasn’t Blender man.

    • Pete

      Will It Slend?

      • boliver

        I feel a meme coming on.

    • boliver

      Truth, that could get bloody and messy very quickly.

  3. Michael Corley

    I’m too scared to play that game. For reals.

    • boliver

      Lol, it’s not as bad as some have made it to be.

  4. ShadowBlade

    Well drawn cuz! PUNNY too! :P

    • boliver

      Thanks cuz!


    Artwork is getting better and better Brandon.

    • boliver

      Thanks very much, Daniel!

  6. Bearman Cartoons

    Meet my friend….Sue You Man

    • boliver

      Well played, well played.

  7. Warren Frantz

    The victims of false identity are always faceless.

    • boliver

      Oh man, I genuinely laughed at that one Warren.

  8. cpdohert

    Slenderman Slenderman Slenderman Slenderman Slenderman.

    Yes, I know. I’m being old and cryptic again.

  9. Tim Green

    LOL funny, guys!

    • boliver

      Thanks Tim!

  10. Tony McGurk

    I wonder if Slanderman thinks Slenderman is a skinny gutless good for nothing underfed anorexic who wouldn’t know what a good feed was if it kicked him in his sticking out exposed meatless ribs. Or they could be good friends

  11. James

    I want more adventures with this man.

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