Tough and Wiener – Vantage Point

I’m sure there was a fire escape, or a ladder or something… but you have to admit, Wiener is a time saver. Now… Tough just needs to stick the landing ;).

Updates to the About page for Tough and Wiener will be coming soon. If you missed the first one, not to worry, they’re not related plot-wise. What’s that? You want to see it anyway? Here ya go!.


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  1. Julian

    This way should be more fun anyway.

    • boliver

      Tough is well…tough, he can handle it ;)

  2. Mark Stokes

    The shortest distance between two points is Wiener’s overhand pitch!

    • boliver

      Nothing like a fastball special ;)

  3. David Hurley

    And quicker!

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