Gold Mine

Based on a true story. We heard it on the radio. Okay, so it was more like 10 minutes than 4 days, but it was an impressive string of puns none the less.

Commenters, I invite you to add to the list ;).


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    They all need to rubber up. :)

  2. Nekro13

    Gee, you guys must of had some of these saved for a Long time

    • boliver

      They were Hard to hold onto.

  3. Michael J Swart

    Missed opportunity to also bold “spreading”

    • boliver

      Agreed, good catch Michael.

  4. Mark Stokes

    The jokes went on longer than the treatment.

    • boliver

      Longer indeed ;)

  5. JerryBenedict

    I guess they were all just taking one for the team… This is going to be hard on them all…

    • boliver

      Hopefully they can thrust there way through it.

  6. Bearman

    This whole story gives me the WILLIES. Reminds me of that time in 69

  7. Jack

    You guys seem to have PENETRATING wisdom on the subject!

    The stubble in panel 3 is a nice touch, by the way.

    • boliver

      Thanks, Jack!

  8. David

    First of all: Just read through the archives. What has been seen cannot be unseen! Just the way I like it…

    Second of all: I’m sure there will be a PROBE to PENETRATE the cause of the outbreak. Authorities will provide a STIMULUS package for anyone with enough DEEP ROOTED information. PHALLUS-ies and falsehoods will be reported.

    • boliver

      First of all:
      Thanks so much, David! We hope you keep coming back for more.

      Second of all: You win the prize. No BONES about it.

      • David

        No worries, Brandon. This site has got the right kind of awesome to be a keeper…

        And yeah, I am a webcomic lurker (how else did you think I concentrated all those dick jokes so readily?)

        • boliver

          Awwwww, you know just the right things to say to a cartoonist ;)

  9. Mike Karell

    How the hell do you hear about this kind of thing?

    • boliver

      I heard about it on the radio :) Can’t remember where C heard it.

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