TWT35 – Illin’

I don’t take sick days very often. Since I can usually work from home, I need to be pretty wrecked to feel I can’t do my job. I had just such an occasion recently, and it had occurred to me, that being sick isn’t actually all bad for movie/video game junkies like myself. It just so happens that some of my favourite things to do require very little energy or thought. Of course, not all movies/games will work… it’s not like I’m playing Tactics Ogre and watching Shawshank Redemption here. More like a, Super Mario and Crank kinda day, if you catch my drift :).


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  1. ShadowBlade

    Oh Crank, you insane mofo of a movie! How I do love thee!

    • coliver

      Damn straight :). Too bad Crank 2 didn’t capture the same “magic”.

  2. Bearman Cartoons

    Hard to hold the controller when your head is in the toilet

    • coliver

      Easier to do that then to continue looking at the screen.


    Glad you better. :)

    • coliver

      Thanks! Me too :).

  4. Jack

    I wish I could do my job from home. Maybe if I got a couple of Ipads and had a busser carry me around on Facetime…

    • coliver

      Duct tape the iPads to a coatrack balanced on top of a roomba, and then you don’t need the extra busser :).

  5. Mark Stokes

    I sanitized my hands after I read this, just to be on the safe side.

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