That Would be Handy

I’m not sure how you forget how to hold two guns at the same time, but Master Chief pulled it off.

I will say this… Halo 4 is a great game. You can all exhale now. But is it the best Halo game? Not so much. I could talk about some of the cool things they did… the new guns and vehicles, the gorgeous cut scenes, the fact that 343 retained the look and feel almost perfectly… but everyone is gushing over it enough. Here’s some of what I thought was wrong with it:

– I won’t spoil the plot/ending for those who DIDN’T finish it on Legendary within the first week of it being out, but it’s lacking slightly. A couple of story points reek of lazy writing, the ending was a tad anti-climactic, and there were a number of new “uncharacteristic” character flaws introduced that were occasionally unwelcome.

– There are lots of new guns and enemies, but a few aren’t well thought out. Some of the new guns might as well be replicas of other existing guns that just fire a different ammunition. And one of the new enemies in particular felt too sluggish, and too unreceptive to getting shot.

– This is the least stable Halo game… we ran into a number of frustrating bugs and invisible walls, one of which forced us to restart a mission we were 45 minutes into. That was uncool.

Again… still a great game. But 343’s got some big shoes to fill. If they want to roll with Bungie’s best, they need to kick it up another notch.

More on this later when more people have had a chance to play it.


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  1. Gary

    Is it like Tetris? Man, I love Tetris

    • boliver

      Errrr, ummmm, sure? Yeah, it’s exactly like Tetris…if Tetris had guns, aliens, tanks, mechs and absolutely no puzzle elements.

  2. Alexx

    The way Halo 4 explains rampancy it makes you think that Cortana really just needs to take a nap, that or defrag her hard-drive

    • boliver

      Yeah, the whole “this shits terminal” thing made no sense to me. Just turn her off and then on again ;)

  3. Mark Stokes

    As long as he can he walk and shoot at the same time! Great job on art, especially the mech detail, Brandon!

    • boliver

      Yes, but only while pressing all the buttons at once and patting your head while rubbing your stomach.

      Thanks very much, Mark!

  4. Jack

    Heavy weapons? I agree with Mark, the art looks great this week. Cortana especially looks awesome.

    • boliver

      Lol, apparently.

      Thanks Jack! I’ll have a high-rez version up of her hopefully next week!

  5. James

    His wrists are very weak.

    • boliver

      Why else do you think he needs all that armor? It’s for support.

  6. George Ford

    From everything I’ve heard about this game, it sounds like a big bowl of coolness. I wish I was more into gaming. I’ll have to get my son to step my game up some.

    • boliver

      I highly recommend it. It’s a great game despite some of the weird faults.

  7. Chris

    Sweet comic pal, Halo 4 is good but the second Halo will always be my favourite!

    • boliver

      Thanks a lot, Chris!

      I’m a huge fan of 2 and 3. The first one will always be very close to my hear though.

      Anyone else have a favourite Halo?

  8. JerryBenedict

    It must be even tougher to shoot both at the same time!

    • boliver

      It’s easy when you’re just using a controller.

  9. Bearman

    I don’t think I ever finished an adventure game. I get to the last battle and get bored trying to beat the damn final boss.

    • boliver

      Halo’s pretty good for now having some generic final boss :)

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