Tough and Wiener – Handy… In a Pinch

This strip features a new villain I’m thinking of calling “Caught Carl”. His evil plan is to commit small crimes, get arrested, get released on a technicality, and then start the whole thing over again. His master plan is to put unexpected stress on the law enforcement establishment to ultimately slow them to a crawl. Tough and Wiener don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s not really working like he’d hoped…

Tough may not look like much… but hey, that’s because he’s all talk and kinda little. That’s okay though. He doesn’t need to be tough, with Wiener around.

All right… that’s about enough word play for today :).


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  1. Julian

    Caught Carl is REALLY devious.

    • boliver

      Personally, I think he might have over-thought his career.

  2. Jeff

    In my wife’s hometown, there was a guy who would commit a just-serious-enough crime every fall to get put in jail over the winter.

    • boliver

      That’s actually pretty smart.

  3. Mark Stokes

    These guys are working Vice. Head Vice, that is.

    • boliver

      They right a tight ship.

  4. Saeed

    I really like these guys. Especially the big guy. He’s just got the dumb lovable giant smile that makes you want to hug him. Except I’m afraid he would destroy my spine.

    • boliver

      Nah…unless you’re committing crimes.

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