Wii U Hate Me

First impressions of the Wii U are pretty positive… the release titles are surpsingly good, espcially the packaged title, Nintendo Land. The gamepad just feels RIGHT, and totally works as a control concept. Graphically, Nintendo finally has a system that looks like a current gen system should. But DAMN did it talk a long time to get things started.


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  1. SPINE

    Sucks how its always like that. And if you have slow Internet, that 5GB download is an overnighter…

    • boliver

      I just want to play my system on launch day with everything working as advertised. Is that so hard?

  2. Bearman

    I think I’ll wait another year for the next gen xbox.

    • boliver

      We’ll probably get that too :)

  3. Bo Lumpkin

    I have bought numerous electronics that were so complicated that by thIe time i figured them out I didn’t want to have anything else to do with them.

    • boliver

      It only gets worse the more connectivity they come with.

  4. Gooberandcindy

    wii u sounds like a lot of fun. ;)

    • coliver

      It’s more fun than we’re making it sound :).

  5. Mark Stokes

    Ours is not the reason Wii, ours is but to play or die!

    • coliver

      You’re a class act, Mark :).

  6. JerryBenedict

    We pretty much stick with games on PC… although that presents a different set of problems!

    • coliver

      Ah yes, the compatibility nightmare… consoles do that right at least :).

  7. James

    I’m just going to hold A Sega Game Gear or Atari Lynxx while playing my Xbox to simulate this experience.

    • coliver

      Wise decision.

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