After a Hard Day…

It’s not all war and violence. Sometimes, after a hard day of tyranny, you just need to unwind.

And of all the new modes we could have chosen for Rumble and Frenzy… just be thankful we didn’t take this in another direction.


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  1. Julian

    Since Megatron is a gun, watch out for that happy ending.

    And thanks for resurrecting the way I remember the Transformers from when I was a kid. :)


    I could use a message mode. :)

    • boliver

      Couldn’t we all ;)

  3. Quethkeka


    • boliver

      Lol, no sir?

      I have a friend that’s a brony, hence the Optimus Pony on the merch page if that’s what you mean ;)

  4. ShadowBlade

    I was expecting Soundwave to play this:

    Still awesome though!

  5. Mark Stokes

    Masseuse in disguise!

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