It’s 2013, and is coming straight out of the box with a comic combining everyone’s favourite two things. Video games, and do-it-yourself Swedish furniture. Rock, rock on.


Guess what! We had the honour of being on the Southern Fried Inkslingers Podcast with Brad Joyce and Walter Schuler and it’s up and ready for your listening pleasure! Check it out if you want to hear what happens when Canada get’s some southern hospitality:

~ B

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  1. Michael Corley

    In a cruel twist of fate, the lack of Allen Wrenches prevented its construction.

    • boliver

      Alas, we’ll never know what the game even does.

  2. Schmuck Man

    Much like other crap from IKEA, there were unused parts upon completion making the end result look nowhere near the model you planned to buy … just don’t look around for the third boss flight. It’s kind of sad when their legs don’t work.

    • boliver

      They just didn’t include enough of those little wooden pegs.

  3. Mark Stokes

    PnP is for sissies.

    • boliver

      Exactly. If you don’t have to potentially break some things to set it up, what’s the fun?

  4. JerryBenedict

    I wonder if the game is any good?


    I really dislike that part of Ikea. :p

  6. David

    God help you if you also needed to buy and build the Ikea-brand Cjömpůter…

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