B’s birthday last year was epic. We Brothers Oliver can hold our liquor, but B decided to “take it to the limit”, and… well, he broke a ten year streak.

I wasn’t actually there for that part (I was completely sober, and didn’t stick around into the wee hours), but a direct quote recounted to me later by someone present for the event is “dear god man, chew your food!”. My brother is a classy gent.


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  1. Mike Karell

    Wow. That’s an impressive vomit-free streak. Most impressive.

    • boliver

      I bow graciously.

  2. Michael Corley

    “That’s it, everybody out of the pool!”

    • boliver

      Lol, funny you say that. We were all hanging out, drinking in a kiddy pool.

  3. Schmuck Man

    You were doing so well.

    • boliver

      A 1.5 litre bottle of champagne with ruin that pretty damn quick.

  4. Bearman

    I thought the same thing to myself last year when I got food poisoning and a chunk of broccoli came out of my nose.

    • boliver

      Wow…just wow.

  5. James

    The number one ingredient in Canuck beer is Canucks.

    • boliver

      It’s made of the people!

  6. JerryBenedict

    Uh oh… does this mean the little guys with the counter will be thrown up?

    • boliver

      I wouldn’t have been able to tell if they were…I couldn’t see straight.

  7. Saeed

    Next summer is just around the corner. Get that stomach ready.

    • boliver

      Oh boy, oh boy.

  8. George Ford

    Grab the phone, cuz somebody is about to call ‘url!

    • boliver

      Ooooo, wrong number ;)

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