TWT38 – A Losing Battle

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy staring contests. I would usually win, even if it meant my entire vision was blurred in the course of refusing to blink (which does happen by the way, if you’ve never tried). But I gotta tell you, these toys of mine give me a run for my money…

If you find this TWT a little short-winded for your tastes, I apologize. I’m a little buried at present. I’ll try to make it up to you next month.


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  1. Jack

    Money?! Dude, if you’re gambling with Slimer, you gotta play for Hi-C Ecto Cooler! They don’t even make that stuff anymore!

    • coliver

      Wooow… thanks for THAT blast from the past :)

  2. Schmuck Man

    I did this a lot when I was younger as well. I sometimes ended up with bloodshot, watery eyes, buy dammit, I won.

    • coliver

      That’s all that matters :)

  3. Michael Corley

    Slimer don’t blink, man, Slimer don’t blink…

    • coliver

      That’s especially true for the toy

  4. JerryBenedict

    I wonder what he’ll do with the money?

    • coliver

      I’m going to guess McDoubles

  5. Bearman

    The key is to stare at their forehead

    • coliver

      I’m not sure there’s a good part of Slimer to stare at…

  6. Mark Stokes

    Plastic eyeballs? He’s CHEATING!

    • coliver

      I should have known not to trust a dude named Slimer :)

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