“Look, I lost track of the cows, okay? I’m not sure what happened. But I’m pretty sure, that’s the offspring of a brother and sister. Or wait, maybe that was the mother… or the uncle… of the son of the… um… say, is that a creeper over there?” *RUNS AWAY*.


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  1. Schmuck Man

    Genetically speaking, something somewhere went horribly wrong. How did you even produce a few of those? If you try milking one of them, would you get milk or pork or gunpowder???

    • boliver

      Only one way to find out ;).

      I’m pretty sure the only way to get these is through modding. Otherwise, the weirdest you’ll find is mooshrooms.

  2. Observe to Exist

    You just reminded me that I need to play Minecraft right this second. There goes what was supposed to be a productive day. thanks A LOT!

    • boliver

      We do what we can ;). We’re right back into it so why not drag others with us :)

  3. Mark Stokes

    Herd is the word! Great art, Brandon!

    • boliver

      Thanks, Mark!

  4. Michael Corley

    Got Minecraft on the brain, do we?

    • boliver

      Just a little…

  5. Gary B.

    As long as it doesn’t have any horse in it, it’s still going to be a tastier cow than most of England’s food right now…

  6. Mike Karell

    That’s what happens when you have sex with your animals.

    • boliver

      Shhhhh, you’re not supposed to tell anyone.

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