TWT 39 – Pickup Line

If you’re making content for the Internet, and trying to reach new audiences, it’s nearly impossible to succeed without social media and aggregators. Using these constructs, you’re trying to draw people to your content… but you can’t do that by just making it available, and there’s no way to show it directly to them without them having some reason to look for it. So instead, you need to write a pitch, and then that pitch will show up in a feed, or a list, or some other widget such that people will read it, and if they’re interested, they’ll click the text, see your content, and your mission is accomplished.

So what do you write? How do you sum up something that took you hours to make into a handful of words that will actually get people’s attention. That is an art all in itself, I tell you. If anyone figures out the equation, let me know.


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  1. David

    What? Justin Bieber gets eaten by walking dead? SWEET *click*, that’s-

    Oh, I read that wrong, huh? :D

  2. Schmuck Man

    Damnit, I was about ready to pay off a zombie to bite him.

    • coliver

      I think they’d take that job for free :)

  3. Mike Karell

    Who knows what gets people going. If anyone can figure it out, it’s Donatello.

    • coliver

      Damn straight

  4. Mark Stokes

    That radiactive ooze has created a social media mogul! Love your new header!

    • coliver

      Thanks Mark :).

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