200 comics. Those with the chutzpah to check would notice that we’ve done far more than 200 comics. Well, we count funny. It doesn’t include TWT, MF Office, TFI, and anything else that we feel doesn’t fit into the twxxd mainline.

Around here, we celebrate this sort of thing with some good old fashioned self-deprecation. As always, an exaggeration, but it’s no stretch to say that we wouldn’t still be doing this if we were only in it for the money.

Here’s to another 200 :).


All I can say is “took us long enough”. What C says is true, though. We’re well over 200 comics that have actually appeared on twxxd.com. But we’re weird with our counting. Obviously we’re not math majors.

2013 promises to be an exciting year for twxxd. We’ve got some really big things to share with you, and they’re all coming very soon. But not yet ;).


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  1. David

    Congrats on the 2XXth comic, guys! Dare I count? Not tonight…

    Better than my traditional celebratory gift (that thumbtack worked wonders until one dude stepped on it…). Tacky was never the same after that. :D

  2. Schmuck Man

    Congratulations! Now trade that thing up until you can get a house.

  3. Mike

    Congrats gents!

    I have a preposition – if we pool our resources from money made from our comics, we should totally go crazy and buy a few sheets of printer paper and put that paper clip to good use!

  4. Cuz I'm Joe

    Congrats, in a few more years you might make enough to buy some paper to hold with the paperclip

  5. The Code Crimson

    So happy for you guys! And congrats on the shiny new paperclip. May you use it wisely.

  6. Julian

    Yay! Grats guys!

  7. ShadowBlade

    200 sure is a thing made of numbers… I guess some might find it impressive, but I prefer to think of them more as concepts. It’s an underground style of counting, you’ve probably never heard of it.
    *counting hipster

    Seriously, way to go cousins!

  8. Mark Stokes

    Congratulations on those 200 hard-earned strips, Bros O! Long live TWXXD!!

  9. Jack

    Hats off to you guys! It’s awesome that you’ve put so much of your work out there already. I’m looking forward to the next 200 Twxxd strips! BTW, I dig the robo-dino chowing down on some poutine back there hiding behind the speech bubbles. Is that a throwback from a previous comic? I’d check, but there’s just so dang many of ‘em :)

  10. Chris K

    Congratulations! That is a very impressive number!

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