Use Your Words

Yep, that’s right. I knocked my wife up. With my penis. And it’s awesome.

I’ve been bursting to let this out but when a friend suggested I announce it through the comic I couldn’t resist. This is the same comic we shared with my parents last night to tell them the big news. I feel like C has captured the moment through his use of words quite succinctly.

So what does this mean for twxxd? Well, it means we’ll definitely have some baby jokes here and there from time to time ;). It also means I’m going to graciously ask for some guest strips come the end of September. You have no idea how much we’d appreciate this as it will be hard for a time for me to get things done.

On a smaller but still awesome note, this will also be our first year doing a convention appearance. We’re going to have a table at ConBravo, and we’ll be sharing it with some surprise, awesome fellow webcomics people (to be revealed later). Stay tuned for more details :)


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  1. Saeed

    Congrats on the new kid. Now you’ll have someone who can play with your Transformers and get them all covered with chocolate and spit and baby mess.

    • boliver

      And I can’t wait ;)

  2. David

    Oh F[udge]! Does this mean holding back on D[elightful] jokes and S[tuff]?

    Congratulations, Brandon. I know you’ll be awesome!

    • boliver

      He he he, nah. They just can’t read the comic ’til they’re thirty ;)

      Thank you, David, I really appreciate that.

  3. ShadowBlade

    I caught a hint or 2 of this in our convo the other night. I did not push you on it though as I could hear the tongue biting too. ;) So happy for you cuz!

    Great comic too!

    Also, count me in on guests. Let me know if you want originals, or Colin, I will gladly work off of your writing!

    • boliver

      He he he. Yeah, it’s been getting really hard to keep it in. I’m really glad it’s out now.

      Thanks, cuz :D

      It has been noted.

  4. raindogcomic

    Congratulations guys…having kids is great…you’ll love every minute of it..

    • boliver

      Thank you, sir. I can’t wait :)

  5. Schmuck Man

    Congrats on your efforts to help produce the next nerd generation. (Lucky group, they will get to play with all the toys we enjoyed growing up.)

    • boliver

      I thank you. And agreed, that they will. Ninja Turtles and Transformers all the way.

  6. Emma

    Yay! You did it!!!!!

  7. Sareen

    Congratulations Brandon! That’s such exciting news!

    • boliver

      Thanks very much, Sareen!

  8. Justin

    Congratulations! And enjoy your sleep while you still can.

    • boliver

      For sure. As I have been warned it will be in short supply soon.

  9. Michael Corley



    Congratulations! Awesome news.
    I had a feeling you guys were trying. :)
    I will definitely try for a guest comic.

    • boliver

      Thanks, Daniel!
      They say the trying is the funnest part after all ;)
      That would rock.

  11. Jack

    Super congrats Brandon! The world needs more nerds. You can count on me for a guest strip!

    • boliver

      Thanks, Jack! Agreed. It’s our responsibility to put more into the world.
      Fantastic, I shall hold you to that ;)

  12. Mark Stokes

    I can’t think of a better way to tell your parents they’re going to be grandparents than with a comic strip! Super congrats, Brandon, to you and your wife!

    • boliver

      Thanks so much, Mark. It was definitely well received.

  13. Mike Karell

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll have very lovely cat-children.

    • boliver

      Thanks! Technically cat/monkeys ;)

  14. Observe to Exist

    DUDE! Congrats! :D

    • boliver

      Thank you, kind sir.

  15. Sale

    Congratulations Brandon, to both you and your penis…and your wife I guess. I wish you all the best and count me in for a guest strip.

    • boliver

      Thanks, Sale! Awesome, I appreciate that!

  16. Christian Henry

    Oh, man, congratulations! Welcome to the exclusive society of people who defies the impossible combination of parenting and webcomics on a regular basis. We got all kinds of secret handshakes.

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