TWT40 – Can’t Play Em All!

My first paying job was a flier route. I remember calculating the amount of money I was going to make per month, and translating it directly into how many video games I was going to be able to purchase (which, in the over-priced N64 days, was not that many, but I digress). There was a point in my life where I had the notion that if I only had enough money, I could just play everything.

Of course now that I have money, I have no TIME, and when I do have time, I have to choose something. It’s the sprawling RPGs I have to pick the most carefully. After Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and the occasional FF, there ain’t room for much else.

It used to be I would read gaming reviews looking for what would give me the most content for my buck… these days I look for “amazing gameplay… too bad the campaign is so short”.


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  1. David

    You have an insane work life (like most webcomickers, it seems). Single-player titles are increasingly rare, but you can dedicate a couple of hours here and there to some pretty good RPGs and JRPGs, and have a pretty good time with them (that’s what I do on the nights of my days off from work).

    Reducing your game time sucks, but life happens sometimes.

    • coliver

      It’s true, you can do that. But then you’re potentially playing the game for MONTHS, which can affect the immersion. Tough either way :).

  2. Schmuck Man

    Sounds a lot like trying to make excuses. I never did finish Diablo 3 now I think about it; it could not keep my interest.

    • coliver

      Excuses are the BEST, man!

  3. Mike Karell

    Amen. I’d love to play Bioshock, but I’ve got shit to do.

    • coliver

      Pffft, Bioshock Infinite… more like Bioshock a-couple-hours-a-week, am I right?


    This is so true. Plus your old guy with glasses impersonation is tha bomb. :)

    • coliver

      Thanks, I worked hard on that ;).

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