Dapper Rapper: On Gaming

Dapper Rapper is back!

We do love to rhyme here, and the good DR is one of my favourite delivery mechanisms. Expect to see more of him this year!


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  1. Saeed

    HA. OnUrMom337. :-)

    • coliver

      You could probably get OnUrMom338 if ya like :)

  2. Mike Karell

    Also enjoys playing hide the sausage with your Mom.

    • coliver

      Or your sister. He’s classy like that.

  3. Michael Corley

    Jolly good tea bagging!

    • coliver

      And he lets it steep, I assure you :)

  4. Mark STokes

    He’s quite the classy Cassanova!

    • coliver

      Oh yeah, all class :)

  5. JerryBenedict

    He’s great and all, but he’s no OnURMom336!

    • coliver

      Way better than OnUrMom335 though. P U!

  6. Gooberandcindy.com

    Rap baby rap! :)

    • coliver

      Glad you enjoy the phat beats :)

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