Luigi’s Happy Place

In Luigi’s mansion, Luigi scares very easily, and spends much of his time clinging to his flashlight and vacuum cleaner (which he uses to catch ghosts). It’s only unnatural that he’d get a little attached, right?

The game is fantastic. It’s an action/adventure title, which, unlike most games classified with that genre, has much more of an emphasis on the adventure than the action. It’s full of character, has a wealth of content, and does a good job of keeping you interested. If you have a 3DS, you know that quality new releases are a little scarce, so when something like this comes along, you should really get on that.


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  1. Nekro13

    I can now never play Luigi’s Mansion… Childhood. Level: Ruined…

  2. Mike Karell

    I feel violated.


    Nice. :)

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