Dirty Jobs

Hmm… I think he’s spent a little too much time thinking that through. As it happens I haven’t seen deadliest catch, but I have to assume I’d prefer risking my life crab fishing to some of the alternatives. I guess someone has to do it, right?

Alright, commenters… what would you say is the world’s worst job (real or made-up)?


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  1. Schmuck Man

    I have a feeling whatever is being cooked is more likely to be either thrown out or become leftovers.

    I always figure the worst job would have to involve sewage or dead things (maybe even both?); it would be something that would make someone sick to their stomach and requiring a lot of getting used to.

  2. Mike Karell

    Isn’t regular condom tester just as bad?

    Anyway, I’d go with Zoo Janitor. They have to cleanup after creatures who make truly horrific messes, like monkeys, elephants, tigers, and small children.

  3. Michael Corley

    I suppose that depends on the person doing the tasting….

  4. Justin

    I had a friend once tell me the worst job he ever had, and I’ve never found anything to top it.

    The story goes he was working either at a water treatment facility or some sort of horrible storage facility/city job. He had to analyze what products were being flushed through the sewage system on a fairly regular basis. So on several occasions, he had to grab a canoe with a friend, climb into some modified waders or a rebreather/Hazmat suit, and row out in a canoe into the middle of a lake of sewage to do chemical testing.

    The kicker, of course, was this was his summer internship. He didn’t get paid a dime for it.

  5. George Ford

    I do believe that is indeed a winnah!

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