Really? Another one? One was probably too many. The weirdest part is that, unlike other mediocre franchises that have spiralled into a myriad of sequels and prequels, they got most of the original cast back. Wait, that’s not the weirdest part at all… according to rotten tomatoes, Fast & Furious 6 isn’t even a bad movie. What’s going on here?


I actually really like the FaF movies…if you don’t count the second one…and Tokyo Drift. I will go see the 6th. But I’m really surprised that this, of all franchises, is on it’s 6th. Hopefully they’re still able to muster the energy…and fibre…to make it keep going to 26.


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  1. Michael J Swart

    Classic. Reminds me of “Rocky XXXVIII”

  2. Schmuck Man

    Do the movies go farther from the street racing concept that the first one was based on? I have no interest in street racing so the movie had little appeal and was dull so I keep wondering how they can keep making them.

    • boliver

      They do. I mean, there’s still lots of cars…but more in a heist context.

  3. George Ford

    I would still watch it! :D

    • boliver

      For some reason, I feel like it would be pretty popular.

  4. Mark Stokes

    From 0 to 80 in 80 years! Your old Vin Diesel rules!

    • boliver

      He he, thanks Mark.

  5. Bearman

    So true

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