All Natural

I spoke of my camping trip in a recent TWT… “harsh” is putting it somewhat mildly. The bugs were dense and aggressive, it rained and stormed constantly, and the strong winds were against us in every direction we turned. I remember being dashed on the rocks by the waves and thinking “wait, what am I doing out here again?”.

In retrospect, it gave me a renewed respect for nature. Not for its tenacity, or its beauty. It was because in a fight, nature will kick your ass.


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  1. JerryBenedict

    Nature will always kick our ass… it’s had lot’s of practice!

    • boliver

      And it’s only getting better at it.

  2. Michael Corley

    She also has crabs. And all other forms of life.

    • boliver

      She be crawlin’

  3. Mark Stokes

    We all knows who wears the pants on this planet!

    • boliver

      She wears all the things.

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