Dapper Rapper: Food

Yes, the Dapper Rapper has a time machine. Instead of finding ways of benefiting mankind, he is hunting presently extinct creatures and eating them. And he’s doing it with style and class.

Also, given what he’s known for, and that he can travel through time, it is statistically likely that he’s your father. Sorry you had to hear it like this.

ALSO, did you know we were at ConBravo on the weekend? We had a fantastic time hanging with Saeed of The Frumps and Javis of Legacy Control. I just wish I didn’t have food poisoning the whole weekend, but you can’t win ‘em all.

More on the con on Friday!


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  1. Daniel Barton

    Aw man. Food poisoning. Was that the poutine?
    Can’t wait to hear about the con on friday. :)

  2. Andrei Esca

    I want a velociraptor ala carte.

    • boliver

      It tastes more like chicken than you’d expect.

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