Pros and Cons

That’s right. We tabled our very first convention last weekend. I won’t go into too many details, but the experience was a bit of a roller coaster. The list of lessons learned is extensive… optimal booth layout, margin-friendly special prices on merch, knowing your audience… and we’re looking forward to taking all of that with us into the next one.

If you’d like to hear more about everything we learned tabling our first con, we’ll be planning a podcast in the near-future to get into the details. Stay tuned!


Pictured above, of course, are our table-mates Legacy Control and The Frumps.


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  1. David

    Frank mastered the Shoryuken?

    • boliver

      You’d be surprised what Frank has mastered.

  2. Schmuck Man

    That guy is lucky to even be alive.

    • boliver

      It’s true. No one touches Frank like that. NO ONE.

  3. Mark Stokes

    He may be soft, but he’s no soft touch! Looking forward to hearing about your first con adventure!

    • boliver

      And we look forward to sharing :)


    Ack! more suspense about the con. :(

    • boliver

      All shall be revealed in time ;)


    Where are Kieth’s glasses?

    • boliver

      The characters are going through some slight changes :)
      The artist answer: I feel like Keith looks better bearded but without the glasses.
      The stock answer: He’s wearing contacts! ;)

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