Tough and Wiener – You’re Not Drawing Me In

For those of you who are new to “Caught Carl”, he is a super villain whose master plan is to get arrested as often as possible by performing small crimes, so that the justice system gets so clogged up it grinds to a halt. He has yet to realize that he is unlikely to achieve this goal on his own… especially when Tough and Wiener aren’t in the mood for his antics!


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  1. Schmuck Man

    Pity still isn’t a crime. Letting him go is for the best.

    • coliver

      I’m sure they’ll pick him up again later, but he’s going to have to up his game

  2. Mark Stokes

    Ouch! A slap in deface!

    • coliver

      lol, nice one :)!

  3. cpdohert

    You laugh, but this is actually a thing.

    • coliver

      Well hot darn

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