Fair Competition

Those two just can’t get along.

I wonder though… what would be involved in said competition?

Who can talk the loudest in the cinema?

Who can park across the most parking spaces at one time?

Who can change the most lanes without signalling?

Leave your suggestions in the comments. I look forward to this :).


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  1. Craig L

    Who can make the most ‘typical You Tube comment’?

    And extra points for the number of times you say “I’m really a nice guy!”

    Of course, if they are going to have a ‘loudest in the cinema’ competition, it should be while watching this movie.

    But expect some negative reaction from anyone who comes to your “Jerk-Off” via a Google search…

    • coliver

      You sir, have thought this through.

      And we won’t argue with the extra traffic :).

  2. Bearman Cartoons

    as long as it isn’t a circle jerk

    • coliver

      Not until the lightening round

  3. David

    It must involve the entire town. Whoever can offend the most people in one day, legally but obnoxiously, wins. Bonus points if you attract an angry mob.

    • coliver

      Score multiplier for torches and pitchforks

  4. Mark Stokes

    That’s a knee-jerk reaction!

    • coliver

      Maybe she’s talking about Jamaican cooking?…

  5. Gooberandcindy.com

    Who is the chick?

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