Guest Strip: Maternity Prime

As of this posting, I am an Uncle. And B, a father! Hot damn. You know what this means folks…

Let the pleasant parade of pre-made paternal guest-strips begin! We’re going to need a break, and the fine people of this fantastic community have our backs. You guys are the best, you guys.

The first comic comes from the fabulous and talented Javis Ray of Legacy Control. He’s a beautiful man. Sniff.


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  1. David

    Biggest congratulations to Brandon and his wife! All the best!

  2. Daniel Barton

    Nice Javis! May the bouncing baby robot thing live long and prosper!
    And again. Congrats Guys!

  3. Schmuck Man

    All things considered, it being a robot does make sense and it is awesome. Congrats to the new parents!

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