I had some time to get some drawing done and thought I’d share the fruits of my labours in the absence of a podcast this week. With my new baby in real life, I wanted to give the twxxd household their own baby. This is Kahlan. She is adorable.

Because she’s a girl, I’ve made her a cat like Alice. I want her to be both cat like and baby like at all times, as shown with the “ready to pounce” state I’ve got her in with the butterfly. I have a feeling she’ll have a thing for butterflies.

I’ve also given her a guardian of sorts that I’m hoping to explore in more detail. I haven’t decided whether I want this to be another living stuffed animal or if it’s just a stuffed animal that she believes is real. The big arms are meant for holding, cuddling, and dragging through the house. A lot of fun could be had if the guardian wasn’t always a willing participant in their adventures, I’m thinking.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Keep on loving the guest strips and I’ll be back at it before you know it.

~ B

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  1. Mark Stokes

    Very sweet stuff, Brandon, filled with love!

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