Guest Strip: Goober and Cindy

Great news! More guest strips! A few more awesome people made us comics so that B has a little more time to adjust to being a functional human being on inhuman amounts of sleep.

Today’s comes from the one and only Daniel Barton of Goober and Cindy, a true force of nature in our little community. He’s our #1 super-fan, and this strip adds to fantastic portfolio of content he’s created for/with us. Thanks Daniel :).


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  1. Schmuck Man

    This seems unethical but I laughed anyway.

    • boliver

      Kahlan can take him, I’m sure.

      Also Google Toddler MMA/Kid’s MMA. People have really set these up :S

  2. Mark Stokes

    What a bouncing, baby comic strip! Love it, Daniel!

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