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For the record, I haven’t watched Family Guy in years. Their jokes went from having clever shock value, to shock value, to just plain shock, and I gave up on them. But my eye caught a news site with a headline implying that they offed a main cast member, and it peaked my curiosity. So I watched the clip, and it was downright unsettling. Not because they succeeded in packing any emotion into it, but because the Family Guy world I remember was not one based at all in reality, and I feel like they can’t “visit” there just because they feel like it. Oh well. They’re probably just struggling to stay relevant, and failing.

You don’t have long to get those contest entries in! We announce the winner on Wednesday. Get crackin’!


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  1. Schmuck Man

    I have lost interest in Family Guy as well, but after hearing what had happened, I decided to acquire this episode online and see for myself. The whole episode felt a bit rushed and too many plot holes for the outcome to be entirely plausible and/or canon in the long term.

    Oh and if you spent 10 minutes on the internet the day after this episode was aired, you would have easily been able to see how pissed off the internet was about this.

    • boliver

      They lost me a long time ago, but C was really fired up about this one. It’s really just bad comedy (in that there is none).

  2. cpdohert

    I saw Ted the other night, and it’s confirmed my long-held opinion that Seth MacFarlane has smoked so much pot that he can’t remember anything past 1989 and has an attention span of under four seconds.

    I’ve never found Family Guy funny because there are no jokes. It’s just a constant stream of random 1980’s pop culture references that gets people to laugh because “Hey, I remember that!”

    • boliver

      They had there moments, but as a whole, I agree with you.

  3. Mark Stokes

    I concur with every one of your points. Plain shock is kind of useless.

    • boliver

      And just no fun!

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